Wool Rugs- Safe Easy Cleaning

Rugs are great to have in your home because they are comfortable and unlike wall to wall carpet you can remove them at any time and actually clean them yourself. Most people like to get comfortable in their homes even if it means bending the rules and eating in a furnished room. Where there is food and drinks then there are also sometimes accidental spills. With a wool rug it is always to best to clean a spot before the stain sets in. Immediately removing a stain will be very easy and if you always do so you don’t have to worry about washing the entire rug for a long time. But people are different and as some might get up and quickly rush to clean a spot others would leave it alone until the rug becomes dirtier and wash it all together.

Washing a wool rug at home isn’t a complicating as many might think. The first thing you should do is read the manufacturers tag. If there are instructions then you follow those before anything. When you are left to do it on your own, don’t worry because the procedure is just like washing a plate or dish. Vacuum the rug thoroughly to remove all particles, crumbs, hair and dust. Take the rug outdoors to your porch or anywhere spacious enough. Get the rug wet  in order to soften dried stains. Add sudsy water using a mild detergent and with a sponge begin by rubbing out obvious spots and then work your way out to the rest of the rug. Use a garden hose with strong pressure to repeatedly rinse out the rug. When the water runs clear you are done.

Now that the easy part is over the hardest part is getting the rug to dry. You can use a squeezer to remove most of the water but rolling the rug will also help. Large thick towels will help absorb the rest but then it should be left to dry out completely on its own. Wool rugs are durable enough and easy to clean by yourself but you can always take them to the cleaners if you don’t mind paying up.