A Walk In Tub Shower Combo for Ease and Comfort

You may have an elderly person in your home, or there may be someone who lives alone.  Generally these combo units look a little less clinical than your standard handicap showers. There are a number of reasons why a walk in tub shower combo can be an important addition to the bathroom.

Safety is one reason.  Even the healthiest older people are at a higher risk of accidental slips and falls.  Whether your parent or grandparent lives alone or with you, one of these combo units will make make bathing easier and safer.  It will also reduce your worries.

Comfort is another factor.  It will end the strain and physical discomfort of stepping over the side of bathtubs.  Your senior can enjoy bathing, rather than see it as a chore.

The modern bath and shower combo also offers independence to the elderly.  As it is easy to get in and out of the tub, many elderly people will not need supervision or assistance.  This sense of independence helps older people feel good about themselves.  If your mom or grandmother resists bathing because she dislikes needing assistance, you will see the change.

Combos are available with a variety of features.  You might like to consider some of these extras when you are planning to buy one.  One example is choosing between a unit with or without a seat.  Another option is a walk in shower unit with a whirlpool feature.

When you think of these benefits and optional features, you may decide a walk in tub with a shower is not only for elderly people.  You can enjoy it yourself, too.  If you have children, you will see how quickly they take to the unit.  Even the youngest child can get into the tub by himself.  The same aspect of safety that is so important for senior citizens applies to small children.  For convenience, safety, and turning bath time into a positive experience, a walk in unit brings it all together.

If you have a small bathroom, to conserve space you may also consider installing a bi fold shower door.

tub shower combo- walk in

Tom Stark