Types of Oval Coffee Tables

It would seem that picking out a new oval coffee table would be quite easy, but there are so many choices it is easy to get confused about the decision. You not only have to worry about the base material, but you have to consider the color and quality of the finish and whether there is an additional material on the top of the table. There are also extra features that can be included with a table. An oval coffee table with drawers can be quite handy because it gives you a place to stores things like remote controls and unused drink coasters.

The most common material for any coffee table is wood. This is because it is fairly cheap and easy to shape. It is common to find shaped coffee tables made out of wood for this particular reason. Of course it is quite peculiar when you see another type of material as the tabletop of a wood coffee table, especially glass. It makes a no hassle piece of furniture something that you have to constantly clean. Imagine the fingerprints that will constantly show up on oval coffee table glass.

oval coffee table

There is no problem if you want to go with a table that isn’t made of wood. You just have to be prepared to pay for the high cost of the table. It is hard to comprehend buying a table made completely out of marble, but people seem to do it all the time. Although it is expensive up front, you know that it is sturdy enough to last pretty much forever. This isn’t true of a glass table, but it has its own side benefits as well.
glass oval coffee table

There is no wrong choice when you are trying to buy a coffee table. Whatever you think will look good in your room with your other furnishings is almost always the best bet. However, just because it looks nice in the store doesn’t mean that it will look nice in your home.