Tinkerbell Bedding: Create a Happy Place for Your Child

Tinkerbell is a lovely little pixie who has the magic it takes to allow the children in her life to fly. Every little girl loves Tinkerbell, especially if she’s been to a Disney theme park, or if she has seen the many Tinkerbell movies. To snuggle down into your very own bedding imprinted with the forever-youthful Tinkerbell is a real treat for girls. Some girls never outgrow their love or fascination for Tinkerbell, and many grownups are thrilled to be able to purchase Tinkerbell bedding for the special girls in their lives.

Give your child a choice between various Tinkerbell character bedding and cotton comforter sets and allow her to add one or two accessories to match with her new bedding. Offer her the choice between things you can afford. She will feel like she created the entire room herself, and the fact she had a hand in the decorating will make her feel so proud of herself! She will want to keep her room clean from now on, if her room is just as she likes it.

There are a couple approaches to take when decorating: You can paint the room in nice pastel tones to match perfectly with your little one’s new bedding, or you can stick with more neutral shades, such as beige. Another popular color right now is chocolate. The dark, rich tones of chocolate are delicious! Pale pink Tinkerbell bedding looks great against the dark brown of a chocolate wall. If you use this shade, you will have no trouble adding items periodically to give the room a splash of color. Once your child is done with Tinkerbell you can simply remove the bedding and get a newer updated one for her.

Christmas is a great time to get Tinkerbell bedding. You can find many different styles online and some brick and mortar businesses carry a few examples. Tinkerbell bedding can be pricey, but the good news is that it’s so popular that it is often very easy to find on sale. You can check stores for closeouts, and of course, there is always the Internet!