Using Bleach as a Tile Grout Cleanser

Tile floors are beautiful. They are simple to clean maintain, they’re touch and durable, they also usually look good for a very long time. However, there is just one weakness of tile installation: grout. Briefly, grout is similar to a tile’s Achilles spot. Whenever tiled floors don’t look well, it’s generally because the grout has accumulated stains and dirt. The question in such issue is, can you restore your grout once it has gone dirty and undesirable? Good news, you can.

Generally, grout becomes stained either because it is not correctly sealed using a grout sealant by the time when the tile was set up, or because the sealant has eventually worn off. Sometimes, a tile is installed but no seal is used. Numerous homeowners are additionally unaware that grout has to be sealed. Thankfully, there are those new grouts that already have a sealant in the mixture, thereby eliminating the necessity for sealing the grout as soon as the tile is installed.

If your floors appear dirty and undesirable due to the stains, you have a number of cleaning choices. The primary choice is to wash the tile on your own, using a damp mop and a bleach solution, like Oxiclean. Prepare a solution of one cup of oxygen powder with 2 gallons of warm water. Ensure that the powder dissolves thoroughly, after which mop the floor. This option is frequently preferred by many homeowners, since oxygen bleaches do not emit fumes, unlike chlorine bleach. As such, they are not as harmful with pets, garments, or furniture. If it does not become effective, place the mixture with a long-handled brush with firm, plastic bristle. The additional brushing will easily do the job without direct contact to your hands.

After bleaching, you may now try to innovate and use your creativity in further beautifying your tiles. A grout colorant is widely offered nowadays, not just for making your tiles look better, but also for concealing any permanent grout stains.

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