Compact, Small Bathtubs Designed to Make the Most of Today’s Small Bathrooms

Ever find yourself living or renting somewhere with a really small bathroom? It is becoming more common these days to find apartments and even houses with the tiniest of bathroom areas. These small spaces present us with several problems – including how to fit in all you need for a decent bathing experience. Check out my post on smaller bathroom design for some design ideas and inspiration – I hope!

In today’s modern world most people have come to live in the big cities and suburbs. It is true of most countries and the cities just keep on growing, with the people getting packed in tighter and space becoming very valuable.

small acrylic bathtub

Smaller Tub Design

Apartments are now one of the most common types of housing within the large cities of the country – offering affordable housing for many, if a little on the small side! When you consider these facts, you can understand the huge rise in the use of space saving household fittings including things like small bathtubs and vanities – anything to save a little space in the home. Because of the space constraints of their living area, people want to maximize what little space they have. Everyone enjoys a nice relaxing soak in the bathtub, but some people simply don’t have the available space for a 5-foot long standard sized rectangular tub. Defeated, people often resort to using the shower as a substitute. However, a shower cannot provide the same level of comfort as that of a bathtub, there is just something so relaxing to many people about having a long hot deep bath.

A quick look at history reveals that the Japanese were actually the first ones to introduce the concept of a smaller bathtub. They modified the structure of the traditional tub and created a new tub with greater depth. The final tub was shorter in length, but it allowed adults to sit comfortably – just like today’s small soaking style tubs. The Japanese had to make improvisations because of their limited living space. In present times, you can find bath tubs of all sizes, shapes, colors and styles. From small to large, corner to freestanding tubs. Virtually any style of tub can be found in a smaller size – including small jacuzzi baths.

Small bathtubs can come in a wide range of styles. Small claw-foot tubs are perfect for traditionalists. On the other hand, people who have more modern tastes would be delighted with some of the latest walk-in tubs. A walk-in tub shower combo can be great for people who have any sort of mobility problems and can be a stylish looking alternative to a handicap shower. Very small bathtubs, which require you to be almost upright in position, may also come with built-in seating so children and people with mobility problems will still be comfortable in it.

Think of the time you can save – cleaning small tubs does not require as much effort as their traditional counterparts, another bonus!!

small bathtubs

Contemporary Small Bath Tub


If you are patient and diligent enough to research your options, finding the ideal small bathtub for your home won’t be a problem. You can find several retailers that offer all types of bathtubs on the internet. Plus, you can get the best deals online because the prices are reasonable. Another way to learn more about these small tubs is to head to your source for home and bedroom decor at Bedroom Decor Tips.

Don’t settle for a shower only. Today you should be able to find a contemporary looking smaller bathtub that will fit in almost any sized room. If you want a bath – have a bath.

Tom Stark