Small Bathroom Design – Need Some Inspiration?

Small bathrooms can present us with a few problems when it comes to design. Not all of us have the luxury of a large bathroom space in the home, where design is not as crucial in achieving great results. It can be a bit of a challenge with small bathroom design to fit in all the elements we desire.

Newer homes tend to have larger bathrooms as it is more fashionable today to have the bathroom designed as a space to relax and enjoy. In the past bathrooms were seen as purely functional spaces but today’s modern lifestyles have changed that. The increase in apartment living also means more people are faced with the problems of very small bathroom design.

small toilet

So What Can We Do?

First consider the option of using a different room as your bathroom. Perhaps you have a bedroom that isn’t used, could this be turned into your new bathroom. There are things to consider with this option – can the plumbing be adapted for this room without excessive cost, windows need to be re-glazed with obscured glass and the electricity will need to be adapted. It is best to get some professional advice and a few projected costings before going down this route.

If all this sounds like too much work or you have no suitable spare room, you need to get some small bathroom design ideas together and work on a plan. Before you do anything it is useful to draw out a floor plan of your room on paper. If you are doing a small bathroom remodel look at the existing layout – is it making the best use of the space available? You could move the bath or replace it with a shower, move the sink or toilet. Planning is important and it will avoid costly mistakes down the line.

Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas.

Look for space saving bathroom fittings. There is a huge range of bathroom fittings designed for smaller spaces. Look at using a corner toilet pan, or just pick a compact modern toilet. These are also more environmentally friendly as they use less water. Do a search online for small bathroom design pictures for some great ideas.small bathroom mirror

Bathtubs or showers, do you need both? Combining a compact, low profile bathtub with a shower can save space and give the illusion of more room. Keep bathtubs small in a small space, a large bath will dominate the room and make it look smaller.

Bathroom sinks and vanity units – go for smaller sinks or perhaps built in units and do not fit large bulky bathroom faucets. Corner sinks can be good for use in small bathroom design plans.

Avoid corner baths in small bathroom plans, they do not actually save space and often look bulky. It is always better to fit a smaller compact bathtub, or just a shower.

Wet rooms – a wet room may be a more expensive way to go, but they can have a great impact and make good use of a confined space. Installing a wet room is not a DIY project and should be done by a reputable firm to avoid any problems.

Be creative with the space available. Make use of the corners with shelving, look at making recessed shelving in the walls. Solid and partition walls can often be cut into to fit shelves within the wall.recessed bathroom shelving

The décor can be used to create the illusion of more space. Brighter colours work better than dark, large mirrors are a good trick, think outside the box a little and it can have great results. Clever use of lighting can also enhance the space, a bright room will look larger than a dark one.

Try to combine as many space saving design ideas as possible and spend some time researching ideas before committing to purchases. Make a plan of your small bathroom design and use pictures to help visualise the end product. A little effort with the design will make it possible to create a beautiful and functional small bathroom.