Taking Care Of Silk Ready Made Curtains

Nothing says luxurious and elegant more than silk. If you want your home to exude sophistication and elegance all at the same time, your best bet is to make use of silk ready made curtains. Hanging these ready made curtains will effectively transform your house’s appearance in as little as a few seconds. Silk fabric was first made way back in 3,000 BC and was discovered in China. The Empress Si Ling Chi found out that silkworms could produce wonderful silk fibers after a silkworm cocoon feel into her tea. Since then, silk has become one of the most sought after fabrics.

If you want to wash your silk window treatments, make sure that the particular silk fabric that you have does not react adversely to water. There are specific silk curtains that shrink or change in shape after being exposed to water. You can test a portion of the curtain which is hidden or ask the seller in order to find out how the curtain you have reacts to water. Silk fabrics that are washable should only be hand washed and not machine washed. At the same time, pick out a detergent which is gentle on your fabric and does not change the fabric’s sheen.

After hand washing your silk window treatment, you will find out that it wrinkles very easily. To get rid of those wrinkles, you need to iron the curtains in the inside and while the fabric is still a bit damp. Make sure that your iron is on the lowest heat setting to prevent burning the fabric. Steaming should not be attempted on silk curtains as doing so will only cause the curtains to shrink as well as promote  the development of watermarks. If you’re scared to do anything to your silk ready made curtain, the only alternative to hand washing silk is dry cleaning.