Learn How To Replace These Three Toilet Parts And Avoid Expensive Plumbers

If you want to avoid expensive plumbers fees it’s a good idea to learn how to replace three toilet parts: the flapper, fill valve and float system and the flush lever.  We provide a basic guide below to help you on your way.  Also keep one of the best toilet plunger models on hand in case you have to deal with a toilet clog.  In order to purchase the toilet parts simply search on line.  If you have a Toto toilet for example, just type “Toto toilet parts” into Google.

Flapper valve – Remove the lid of your toilet tank and peer in.  At the bottom of the tank you should see a rubber shaped object that lifts during the toilet flush and falls once the flush handle returns to its neutral position.  When lifted the water from the tank rushes into the bowl as part of the flush process.  You’ll find a range of universal flappers on the market which are designed to fit all toilet brands.  It is normally a simple process of removing the old flapper (it is often clipped into place) and putting the replacement piece in its place.

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Fill valve – The most common thing to go wrong with the fill valve is the switch mechanism that turns off the flow of water to the tank.  If you peer into the tank and see water flowing down the overflow pipe, then you know you have a defective switch and will need to replace the fill valve and float mechanism.  This is usually removed by undoing a single bolt at the base of the valve.   Older toilets use a float and arm mechanism rather than a central fill valve, but this too is easily replaced.

Flush handle – You’ll find that it’s not the toilet flush handle that becomes defective with time, but the rod and chain which connect the flush lever to the toilet flapper.  These are often in contact with water and can become damaged or corroded.  You’ll be able to purchase a handle, rod and chain set and replace your existing piece quickly and easily.

Tom Stark