Relaxing with a Tub Chair

The task of decorating the interior of your home is probably much harder than constructing the house itself. You have to match the color of your ceiling to your panels, and the curtains to the wall paper. Do you have to do with plastic plants or should I settle for that painting? These are but some of the questions and decisions to be made that make interior decorating much harder.

We have to be even more pickier when it comes to our living room. It is the most visible part of our home and it mirrors the owner’s personality and style. But one thing that is shared by many home makers is the addition of a tub chair in your living room can certainly add life to a rather boring room.

Tub chairs are somewhat a misnomer. If you first heard of the word, you might think that its something used in the bathroom. Actually, the name was given because it feels like sitting in a bath tub.  The tub chair has armrests extending to the base that looks somewhat like a cupped hand. We could, but only speculate on how the design comes about, but there is a story involving the inventor wishing that he had more time to spend on his bathtub but is constricted to do so because other family members are waiting to use the bathroom. and so to extend his very relaxing times on the bathtub, he designed a odd looking chair that looks like a giant doughnut but feels like a bathtub.

The modern tub chairs are further refined to what it is today but is designed more specifically to alleviate stress and gives the ultimate in chair comfort for that unparalleled relaxation. Chiropractors would recommend this type of chair for those suffering from back pains. This is because the back circular design envelops the whole back muscles so as to support the spine. Unlike ordinary chairs that put stress on the lower end, tub chairs provides ample support to spread the back weight evenly thereby effectively reducing friction and stress on the muscles.

So for ultimate comfort and back protection, investing on a tub chair will pay for itself with the comfort and relaxation you won’t experience with ordinary chairs. Tub chairs are available in different colors and textures that you can easily find one that will compliment the color motif of your living room.


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