Benefits of Refrigerators for Food Service

In terms of kitchen appliances, compared to regular households food business establishments have more need for specialized refrigerators that would be able to aid them in their food service. Regular freestanding refrigerators are not enough for them since they need bigger storage areas with the capacity to keep all their stocks fresh for a long period of time. This is why a lot of food business establishments -especially fast food chains and restaurants – opt to buy chest freezers and even walk in refrigerators that will store all their ingredients and food items.

Aside from longevity and storage area, another important factor is food presentation. Since they are in the business of selling food, one of the most important things for many food service businesses need to consider is food presentation. Costumers are more likely to eat in your café or restaurant if they see that the food you serve looks delicious. After all, we first judge things according to how they look. So a lot of food business establishments are also investing in refrigerators for that can be used in the receiving area of their establishments.

Specialized refrigerators such are glass door refrigerators and drop in pan chillers are very popular among establishments involved in food service since they don’t just refrigerate food and beverages, they also double as display freezers.

In hotels and restaurants, the drop in pan chillers are very important especially for buffet stations, serving lines and even in presenting different sauces and salsas. They can also be used by chefs in prep counters and such. They make access to food easier so that the customers can have an easier time choosing which food they want to try.

In cafés and bakeshops on the other hand, the glass door refrigerators and cake display fridges are very popular. Since their main entrée are pastries and desserts, they are best-served and kept in refrigerators that not only keep them cool but also help in presenting them. Having a glass door refrigerator lets you arrange your pastries so that your customer can see the different deserts you have to offer without having to open your refrigerator.

This allows you to save time and energy, which are very precious especially if you are working in the food service industry where profit margins are often razor thin. It has been proven that constantly opening and closing your refrigerator actually contributes to higher energy consumption so you may end up spending more if you buy a refrigerator that has traditional steel doors for presenting your different treats.

Aside from using them for displaying desserts, you can also use glass door refrigerators for displaying drinks in diners or clubs. You can put them near your bar so your customer have better idea of what drinks and beverages you have to offer, that way they wouldn’t have to ask for a menu and just check out what you have on the fridge.