The Beauty Of Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is basically a woody vine that is found extensively throughout Indonesia as well as other South Pacific countries. It can range in size from as small as a millimeter or two up to practically five centimeters where it becomes very comparable to bamboo in its properties. Its availability makes it a very good cash crop as well as a great substitute for tropical hardwoods, so it helps contribute somewhat to preserving some of the rain forests. In the western world, rattan is commonly known as an exotic component used in making some types of furniture.

Rattan garden furniture has continued to evolve from its post WWII status as a popular use for interior rattan furnishings. This material does not splinter, it is very durable and it accepts stain, clear finishes and paint very nicely. Its use for a material in making furniture likely started many centuries ago when native people in countries where it grows discovered that it was capable of being woven into different designs and even used with a superstructure in order to make chairs, tables and other useful pieces of furniture. The use of rattan will often evoke images of tropical and exotic settings, especially when a ceiling fan is used along with it. Because it is so durable it also makes a very suitable material for use outdoors. Rattan garden furniture is an ideal item because it is often made from resin based rattan and the technology and artistry used in making this man made material makes it look so much like the real thing, it will be very difficult to even notice.

Outdoor seat cushions will typically be made from a very durable and water resistant material. This material is often man made, with a fabric shell and a core made from foam rubber. They are widely available in a large selection of styles, shapes, and colors to coordinate with the area in which they will be used.