Prefab Cabins for Everyone

A cabin in the woods is a dream for many people but it may not be as out of reach as you think. Building a cabin from scratch is surely a labor of love but there is an easier alternative with the purchase of a prefab cabin kit.

Start by deciding on the functionality of your cabin. Will it be used as a weekend retreat, a children’s play room or an extra room on your house for guests? This will help you sort through the many designs available for different prefab companies and help you to find the one that will work best for you.

After deciding on the use for your cabin, you need to think about size. Most prefab cabins are sold based on square footage, so a smaller cabin will be a cheaper option and is a good choice for adding an existing room to your home. If you have more space then you may want to think about a larger cabin with several rooms.

Looking at pre-existing examples is a great way to decide which prefab cabin is best for you. Some companies have showrooms which allow you to explore the buildings in person. If this isn’t an option then looking at floor plans is the best way to decide if a particular design will work for you. You could also commission your own design if you have strong ideas about what you want.

Most prefab cabins will be made from wood but some companies also offer metal and other materials for use in harsh climates. Don’t be tempted to use a company that offers cheaper prices but uses inferior materials. Cheap woods are not strong enough for sustained use and will be vulnerable to attack by insects. Also think carefully about roofing materials and make sure whatever you choose is appropriate for the weather conditions where you live.