Plastic Tote Bins: The Playroom Challenge

When a kid stands tall and proud on the arm of the sofa and surveys their playroom, they see a princess castle, a dinosaur’s lair or a train depot. The shoes filled with crayons in the corner are part of a garden. The bits of confetti paper on the floor are from the recent snowstorm, in July. And, the dolls and teddy bears stacked on the chairs are all waiting patiently for their non-stop flight to the moon.

When a parent looks at the same room the only thing they see is a big, frustrating mess. Then, they have to clean it all over again. True that it is tiring and very time consuming. Have no fear the plastic storage totes are here, able to corral the messiest playroom with ease.
Organizing a playroom is easy when you use a variety of plastic tote bins. Large bins can be labeled and used for many items that includes the following:

1. Stuffed animals
2. Hats, purses and dress up gear
3. Blocks
4. Train set pieces
5. Puzzle boxes, hopefully with all the pieces
6. Pretend food and kitchen items
7. Pieces to the 12 doctor kits your child owns
8. Musical instruments
9. Cell phones, cameras, computer and other pretend tech gadgets
10. Plastic bowling ball and pins set

Creating a designated spot for each item or group of like items is a great way to encourage your child to return the item to that location at the end of the day. Involving them in the sorting process is also helpful because they may view an item’s use and, in turn, its location in a completely different way than a parent.

Smaller, corrugated plastic totes or containers can be used to help store pens, pencils and crayons. Easy to lose items such as the tiny pieces of many board games, small building blocks and minuscule doll shoes also benefit from this storage method.