Patio String Lights Add Pizzazz

String lights are becoming more popular all the time, and people have finally realized that they’re not just for Christmas decorating anymore!  Thanks to consumer demand, lighting manufacturers have begun to offer string lights in almost any color or shape imaginable.  Many types of string lights can be used indoors but they are particularly effective when used as outdoor lighting.

People everywhere are spending more time at home, rather than going out.  That doesn’t mean they’re having less fun; even in a recession people have discovered new ways to enjoy living.  Patio string lights are amazingly inexpensive, and they are energy efficient as well.  Some string lights are battery operated, and some of the newest versions are solar lights – taking advantage of the sun’s free energy. They are a great way to light the patio so you can enjoy dining al fresco, whether you’re eating humble hot dogs or enjoying a steak from the barbecue.

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While crystal clear string lights have always been a popular choice for decorating the patio year-round, they are actually available in all kinds of colors.  Aqua blue, green, hot pink and even purple are popular.  Some come with seashells attached, which are certainly perfect for summer decorating near the pool or spa.  Others are available in party themes – paper lanterns, for instance, are very popular.

Clear string outside lights are an understated, elegant way to decorate your lawn or patio – they can be placed in trees or shrubbery to add dimensional lighting, or strung from a patio umbrella or gazebo.  You can even use them as deck lighting or to enhance the beauty of potted plants – the options are nearly endless!

Specialty string lights can make any occasion feel more festive.  Whether you’ve got a birthday to celebrate, or simply enjoy having friends over to enjoy the evening air, you’re sure to enjoy life more when you decorate with twinkling patio string lights.

Use your imagination!  You can find some of these lights at garden centers and other retailers.  Be sure to check out online stores for the best selection this side of Las Vegas.  Every night will feel like a celebration, no reservations required.