Patio Covers Add To Your Outdoor Entertainment Hours

Building a patio cover will immensely change the appearance of your backyard, add a shady area for relaxation and create a private haven. There are several different styles of patio coverings and materials that can be used. Everything from the open concept of an awning, to the complete heated and cooled sunroom is possible.

To keep the moisture from dripping through at the connection point – between the home and patio cover, many people construct a seamless roof-over. Another type of cover is the sun-shield. The shield attaches to your home and is retractable. It shield can be hand-cranked or motorized. The sun-shield is commonly operated by the use remote control. These sun-shields can be purchased in subtle shades or in hot tropical colors like magenta, Caribbean blue and coral.

The basic metal roof-over is typically called a roof awning and is made of aluminum – making it light weight. The awning is probably the least expensive of all patio coverings. Though they are light weight, they are very durable and the posts come with design elements such as French-curves. A lighting system can be easily attached over-head – providing that glow of light while extending your outdoor entertainment hours.

Another type of cover is simple wood beam supported ply-board cover. The wood should be pressure treated and the unit can last for decades if cared for properly. This system is very strong. Many folks love to attach a swing-for-two and enjoy the open air while sipping on a cold drink. The wooden structure is strong enough to carry the weight of a large five-blade fan that can cool you off on a warm night.

The patio cover is a great way to add beauty to your backyard while adding sensibility by protecting you from the weather. Additionally, covering your patio allows you to take time away from that hot sun, and is a wonderful investment that will last many years.