Use Outdoor Lighting For A More Secure Home

Adding landscape lighting to a home is a challenge for many of us. There are so many types of lighting – how do we decide? Do we want brighten a particular place in the landscape or garden, or is it just too dark at night and we need some security. Some lighting products function well for security while others are used more to accentuate.  Here are a few steps to help decide what to buy for your outdoor lighting.

Step One

Outdoor post lighting is part of security for our home,  especially at the entryway to the home.  A wall light or “Porch light” at the front door is a must for safety for family or guests arriving in the dark. If you have a good sized porch, hanging lights will provide additional security and emphasize the front entry. Adding a post lights in the front yard will help illuminate the front area and these can be found in any décor to match the house.   Rope lighting has become popular especially to place in trees or bushes at or near the front entry.  These are attractive and inexpensive and you can even change the colors for holiday themes.

Step Two

A special tree or flowers may be great place for a spot light to shine. Using a few of these on the side of the house or in the back will allow more lighting in dark areas around the home.  Some spot lights can be set on timers while others are controlled by the homeowner. Use spot lights to draw attention to a pool, whirlpool tub, pond or even fountain. Adding underwater color lighting to a pool or pond will add to the safety of the swimmers when it is dark.

outdoor lighting

Step Three

To add lighting around the landscape consider solar lights.  These lights are economical and don’t require wiring.   Solar lighting is simple to install since you just put them in the ground in the desired area.  They are powered by the sun and most  come with a backup battery.  Solar lighting is also used for hanging lights and pathway lighting.  If you have a long driveway you may consider adding solar pathway lighting as a guide when you come home in the dark.
Outdoor lighting will be effective and enjoyable.  This project is one that can be accomplished a little at a time, each step giving your home additional security.

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