Why Non Slip Shower Mats Are Necessary

It can be more dangerous than you think to step into or out of a shower or bath. The moisture and the slippery tub can increase the risk of injury. Simply by buying non slip shower mats you can make an accident less likely to occur – making your bathroom an altogether safer place for all.

Although anyone can benefit from using shower mats, there are three main sections of the population with the highest need for them. These are youngsters the elderly and those with a disability. Kids have no sense, the old and the disabled may have problems with mobility, but everyone knows how easy it is to have a fall in the shower. Shower mats for elderly and disabled people are an absolute necessity.

Most anti slip mats are designed specifically for adding traction to the floor of the shower, providing extra grip. They often have suction cups to stick to the smooth surface of the bath or shower. These will not move despite the amount of pressure put on them. They work well for inside the shower, bath or tub and shower combos providing added safety.

Bath and shower mats can also be useful for outside the tub and here you can go for something a little more stylish. To add a little pizazz to the shower and the rest of the bathroom, you could consider buying a stylish bamboo or teak shower mat. Teak mats are fantastic accessories, stylish and functional. Unlike other types of wood, teak is recognized as a material that is highly resistant to rot, even in wet or humid places. The finishes vary and can be chosen to match a bathroom’s look and style. Various other designs of non slip bath mat can be suitable to help spruce up the appearance of any bathroom design.

Rubber shower mats are another great way to fulfill the need for a non slip mat. They are hygienic, flexible and easy to clean. non slip shower matRubber mats are obviously totally non slip, and can look good too. The material is hygienic because it is bacteria resistant and needs very little cleaning. They now come in a variety of clever designs and colors to suit all tastes – from fun and funky to cool and sophisticated.

You can find some really clever shower mat designs on Amazon or on the high street. You will be amazed at some of the styles available and they need not cost a fortune – some really good deals are around right now.

Keeping safe is important. People of any age could slip in the shower, but children and elderly people are most likely to be affected by a slipping injury. Non slip shower mats are one important preventive measure – don’t wait until it’s too late!


Tom Stark