Non Slip Bath Mats for Safety and Bath Mats and Rugs to Look Good

Who knew there was so much to learn about bath mats and rugs? After renovating my mum’s bathroom it was time to accessorize the room a bit and one of the first things on my list was a bath mat of some sort – so I started looking. When I was a kid bathrooms tended to be a bit more functional with less emphasis on looking good, of course today looking good is all important. As I looked at all the different types of mats and rugs available I thought of how we just folded a towel to stand on when we stepped out of the shower or bath! Ah well so much for frugal living – my search went on.

Two Kinds of Bath Mat

Yeah, I know there are hundreds but I mean there are bath mats for inside the bath or shower and ones for outside – for stepping on to. I suppose both are bathroom safety mats to some degree but the mats for stepping onto are usually chosen to look good more than for safety. Inside the bath they are obviously to stop you slipping and breaking something – like your neck!

Mats for Inside the Bath or Shower

Now we get to blame it on the old folks and the young – maybe that is why the most common designs are brightly colored frogs and animals, or else ditsy floral prints! Before I was married I never once bought or owned an anti slip mat and I lived to tell the tale. Then came the first kid and off I went and bought a lovely froggy rubber bath mat to keep him nice and safe – and to help hold him still as I struggled to wash him!non slip bath mat

Now I‘m buying one for my old mum who is getting on in years. So there you go, they are mostly for the very young and the very old. At least when my wife and I get old enough to need a safety mat for the bath – we can just use the kids one, and save some money.

All joking aside, everyone really should have a non slip bath mat and you can actually find some modern, even quite cool designs if you look past the frogs and flowers. As an alternative to a mat you can find sticker type anti slip pads. These are individual shapes or designs that you stick to the surface of the bath to give added grip – great for kids and adults.

Bath Mats and Rugs to Look Good

Outside the bath or shower you have the chance to let style take over from safety. You need something to stand on – to stop slips, protect the floor, and keep your tootsies warm – but mostly to look stylish and cool. Thankfully you have a lot more choice in this department, you can still get those frogs and flowers of course, but now you have to look harder to find them.

Now you can look at modern and contemporary bath mats or perhaps luxurious rugs will match the style of your bathroom.wooden bath mat Looks are all important with these mats and the designers have done their work with a wide range of styles and different materials to choose from. Rubber, bamboo, teak and other wooden bath mats are the fashion of the moment but you will find lots of unique and cool designs if your budget will stretch a little. Personally I love teak bath mats – teak is a perfect wood for any wet area as it doesn’t rot or deteriorate, it also has a rich contemporary look to it. Use the style of your bathroom to guide your final choice – bathmats can be a great accessory to brighten up your room.

By the way I found a perfect non slip bathmat for my mum – with frogs AND flowers! For outside the bath – she can continue to fold up a towel to step out on to!