A Non Slip Bath Mat – Safety and Style

The bathroom can be a really dangerous place. Most bathrooms are tiled to ensure hygiene. Tiles are also easier to clean and germs cannot hide in them when compared to a rug. But the tiles can become slippery if they are wet. A person can easily slip and fall if not careful. The injury threat is real even though it is usually more embarrassing than painful. Non slip bathmats can be useful in such a situation.

An anti slip mat is to easy to install and relatively cheap to buy. They are available in all sorts of styles and made from many varied materials. The best and most effective ones stick to their place due to the backing of the rug or suction cups. This makes a great safety aid because the rug is not going to move.

If the bath is hot, the mat can be quite warm because it prevents cold by adapting to the surrounding temperature. A person is less likely to catch cold because their exposure to the cold floor is reduced due to the warm mat.  A good mat can be easily cleaned in warm water or even in the washing machine.

There are lot of variations out there suitable for any style of bathroom. some popular mats today are made from wood such as teak and bamboo – giving a clean contemporary look. Rubber mats have great safety qualities and can be found in brightly colored designs – perfect for kids. Cotton bath rugs are another favorite for outside the tub or shower, giving a more comfortable, luxurious feel under foot.non slip bath mat

An anti slip bath mat can be real lifesaver, but also add style and comfort to your bathroom. You just need to make sure that it matches with your decorating theme once you have decided on the kind of mat you need. You can make the bathroom as stylish and modern as you desire if it will suit your bathroom design.

There is no reason why you cannot have fun while being safe at the same time. Everyone can be a little safer with a good bathmat not just kids and the elderly – so have a look at what is available today and add some style to your safer bathroom.


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Tom Stark