Newer is Better When it Comes to Your Chimney and Fireplace

In European and North American countries, fireplaces are essential decorative aspects of the room. The useful heat given off by a fireplace consists of both direct radiation from the burning fuel and indirect radiation from the hot sidewalls and back wall. By force of combustion, most of the heat is driven outside and the smoke escapes through the chimney liner. However, in the case of old fireplaces, sparks may escape and can cause fire. Old fireplaces usually have more creosote deposits in the chimney insert that increase the risk of fire incidents.

Old fireplaces can harm your family and the people around you. Due to long exposure to heat and high temperature, materials used in your old fireplace may distort, collapse and can completely disintegrate. These fireplaces emit more carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and harmful gas that is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon. Carbon monoxide can lead to death without any warning because it’s impossible for humans to detect it.

Old fireplaces are often not safe and efficient to use. Unlike modern ones, old fireplaces do not have glass doors or screens that will prevent sparks from escaping. With this, children are tempted to add wood or stir the fire. Also, old fireplaces are much more difficult to clean.

One big difference between old and modern fireplaces is the level of their efficiency. Fireplaces included in modern houses are mainly for aesthetic reasons rather than thermal efficiency. To improve thermal efficiency, they are built with an arrangement of interior ducts in which cold air from the room is warmed and dispersed around the area of the room.

Leaving fireplaces unattended can burn down your properties. Having a new fireplace doesn’t make you immune to these dangers. You still must practice sensible fire safety protocol and keep children away from the fireplace. You should also equip your home with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors even after updating your fireplace and chimney. Fireplaces, whether old or new, should never be taken for granted. Before going to bed, be sure to check that fire is out. Clean the chimneys regularly as a part of home maintenance and fire safety.