Neat Things About My Glass Computer Desk

I recently replaced my old wooden computer desk with a brand new one that’s made out of glass. So far, I’m really enjoying it. There are a number of neat things about my glass computer desk that I really like, especially when compared to my old wood desk. This article will discuss some of these things to help you in your decision-making process if you happen to be in the market for one of these computer desks.

One thing that I notice right away when I walk into my home office is that my desk provides a much lighter look than my old desk. Sometimes, if I’m not looking right at it, I fool myself into thinking that it’s not even there. The desk creates the illusion that my office has more empty space than it really does. After all, the glass is clear, hence the lighter look. My old wooden computer desk had the opposite effect, visually weighing down my office and making it appear to be more cramped than it really is.

Another thing that I noticed right away when I started using my glass computer desk is that it brightens up my office big time. It does this by reflecting any light that comes into the office through the windows. My old wooden desk never did that, keeping the appearance of my office dark, dull, and depressing.

My new glass computer desk is lighter and much easier to move around. If I need to vacuum my office, it doesn’t take much effort to move my desk so that I can vacuum in its space. I could never do this with my big, bulky, wooden desk. I also won’t have to polish my glass computer desk as much as my wooden desk in order to keep it looking at its best. It retains its shine so much better.

Glass office furniture doesn’t show scratches as readily as wooden office furniture, so in that regard, it is much better from a cosmetic standpoint. However, I don’t want to scratch my brand new desk, so I put a brand new brown leather desk pad on the primary surface to protect it from scratches that may result from things being placed on it and other wear and tear.

These are just a few of the neat things that I like about my brand new glass computer desk, especially when compared to my old wooden desk. If you’re in the market for a new computer desk, you should give serious consideration to the glass computer desk, because it offers many benefits that you might not be able to get with wood or metal desks.