Design Ideas For Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens have become a must have item for many home owners. Scanning the glossy home style magazines we are bombarded by a huge range of design elements and ideas. It can be a bit overwhelming when you begin to plan your beautiful contemporary kitchen.

To help simplify modern kitchen design you should look at the main components and principles. These can be broken down into several subjects

The Main Principles of Modern Kitchen Design.

The modern kitchen is usually minimalist in design, with clean lines and no clutter. Colors are strong and vivid, with the use of various materials such as glass, granite and chrome to enhance the look.

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Kitchen Cabinets – in older kitchens the cabinets or kitchen units used to be fairly standard in size and shape making most kitchens look pretty much the same. Now we have a huge range of sizes colors and materials available to incorporate into your kitchen plans.

The modern kitchen design can contain a range of different unit heights. Using full height larder units, varying height wall units and island units can add to the modern feel.

The colors available are now very varied and using a couple of contrasting colors for high and low level units can achieve a strong effect. The use of very vibrant, bright colors on high gloss units adds a contemporary feel to the modern kitchen. Curved units are also becoming popular especially when used in island units. These can be expensive now, but as they become more widely used the prices will come down. Using curves in your design will certainly add that wow factor!

Using materials such as glass and chrome in different ways can achieve a great look. Consider glass tiles as a kitchen back-splash, chrome feet on the units and perhaps chrome shelving. Glass kitchen cabinet doors can add a very modern look. The best designs will utilize many different elements and materials.

Lighting can be one effect that is often overlooked at the design stage, many people tend to pick some lights when the kitchen is finished. Modern lighting can transform your kitchen but it is essential to plan the lighting at the design stage. Some different uses to consider are under unit lights, ceiling spot lights and floor level lighting underneath the units can be interesting. Take a look around to gather ideas about kitchen lighting, a little effort at the design stage can have a huge effect on the overall look of a contemporary kitchen.

Using fittings and kitchen appliances in thoughtful ways can add to the modern look of a kitchen design. Think creatively, ovens for example don’t have to be below the hob – put them at counter height in a tall unit. Choose appliances with decorative lighting effect – some ovens, microwaves and extractor units have interesting lighting features.

There are a vast range of modern kitchen fittings available to enhance a contemporary feel. Choose things like modern kitchen sinks to add to your design. The sink is a major focal point in the kitchen and this is an area where you should not spare reasonable expense. Sinks nowadays come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, colors and materials giving you a great choice of effects.

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Kitchen extractor fans are another focal point in the modern kitchen. We used to have to make do with the old bland built in cupboard type of kitchen extractor unit – not any more. There are some astonishing designs of extractor hoods around today and if used appropriately can become the major focus of the kitchen giving it that extra appeal.

Similarly, kitchen faucets can add a real feature to the kitchen, splash out and have some fun when choosing your taps – let them become a talking point at your parties!

You can further accessorize your kitchen to your heart’s content adding modern kitchen tables and chairs, artwork or perhaps a feature clock the sky is indeed the limit. Do remember the modern kitchen design principles though, and less is sometimes more. Often the most amazing kitchen design will be simple and use only a few main elements, especially if you are working with a small modern kitchen.

Plan your contemporary kitchen design well in advance of any decision making. Consider the options to suit your budget, fitting modern replacement kitchen doors can be a good way to update a tiered older kitchen. Look around the web and in magazines and showrooms to get ideas.

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Perhaps make a picture chart of clippings of elements you like and use this to get visual ideas of how it may look. Kitchen suppliers will also be a great help in designing your kitchen but remember they are the salesmen try not to buy all their ideas, use them to help with your planning. Above all do not get overwhelmed – enjoy the process and you will have that “to die for” modern kitchen.

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