Using a Mirror for Interior Design

Decorating a room in the house whether it be the dining room or bathroom can be a stressful affair. Many people are put off by undertaking a project that can result in spending a lot of money and time. However, it is not necessary to go the lengths of knocking down walls or re-plastering. Using mirrors is a quick and effective way that you can improve the attractiveness of a room. In the past the mirror has been underutilised because many people used it solely as a functional item. This is unfortunate because the mirror can offer so much more especially in terms of being an effective design feature.

Interior designers have valued for along time the reflective qualities of the mirror and how it can help to enhance their design themes. They have harnessed the mirrors ability to create the illusion of space and the reflection of light to change the mood within a room. You can also achieve this because nowadays there is a great selection of different styles of mirrors to choose from. They range from the contemporary floor mirror to the more traditional antique oak framed wall mirrors.

For a decorative theme you should use the mirror as you would a framed picture. Position it so that it can reflect your favourite pieces of furniture when you are sitting down. The mirror can also make a room a look larger. For example, if you have bathroom that is quite small you can hang an oversized mirror to make the room look much bigger than it really is. Another area of the home that could use a mirror is the hallway. The hallway tends to be starved of natural light therefore, hanging a few venetian glass mirrors will not only brighten up the place up it will also add a touch or elegance which visitors will see immediately as they enter your house.