Mini Split Air Conditioners – Cooling System Basics

It is extremely easy for home owners to take their air conditioning systems for granted. Most of us simply set the temperature to whatever level we want and then quickly forget about it. The only time we ever turn our attention back to our a/c units is when there is a problem. If you are in the process of exploring your air conditioning needs this article will describe why a mini split air conditioner may be exactly what you are looking for.

While it is true that most home owners have experience in dealing with central heat and air conditioning systems, and perhaps even with basic window units, many would have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when it comes to split air conditioning units. Although these units are becoming more and more popular each year they are not as well known as their aforementioned counterparts.

What Are Split Air Conditioners

Split air conditioning systems are not much different from a traditional central air conditioning system. Both have large external air condensers that must be properly maintained. The difference arises in how each system utilizes their air handlers. Whereas central sir systems primarily use one large air handler, split systems often use up to four smaller ones. As each room controlled by a split air conditioning system has its own air handler the need for bulky, visible ductwork is eliminated.

What Are the Benefits to Using Split Air Conditioning Systems

Perhaps the biggest attraction to split air systems is the fact that the home owner can individually control the temperature in each room. Essentially this means that it is possible to keep everyone happy with regards to the how hot or cold they keep their rooms. Furthermore, split air conditioners allow you to either turn the air off completely or turn it way up in rooms that are not currently being used.