Maintaining Your Outdoor Rug

Many people use area rugs in their home. With their availability in many different materials, many people have found other uses for these pieces. They can now also be used in outdoor living areas.

These outdoor rugs can make any outdoor area look cozy and inviting. Placing them on your porch, deck or courtyard will bring that area to life. However just placing them there and forgetting all about them will not do you any good. So how do you keep these outdoor floor coverings clean?

The first thing that you have to remember is that you need to treat your outdoor rugs just as well as you treat the ones indoors. That means picking up after yourself and making sure that the place is free of rubbish and clutter. After all, a terrible dowdy looking floor covering will not do much for any outdoor area. So after using the area, make sure you clean it up from whatever mess you have made.

Then you can think about giving your outdoor rugs a good cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. You can use your regular vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Gently vacuum on both sides of your rug so that it looks fresh and new always. Vacuuming on the underside will also get rid of any debris which can cause friction and extra wear.

Make sure that you read the manufacturer’s guide to cleaning your outdoor rugs. That way you know how to deal with any spills. Your safest bet would be to use water and mild soap. However do make sure you read the guide so that you don’t accidentally spoil your rug in the process of cleaning it.

Most manufacturers also do recommend a good hosing down for your outdoor rugs a few times annually. Just use your garden hose and hose down your piece. Then, lay the piece flat to dry. You will be keeping it clean and maintaining its beauty.

You can keep your outdoor rugs looking their best by taking care of them. This will help them last longer.