Log Cabins – Garden Apartments for Less

Rather than an expensive brick built extension with all the disruption and dirt around the house, consider expanding your living accommodation with a log cabin in your back garden. If you have enough space for a hard-standing for a caravan, then you have enough space for a log cabin garden office or apartment.

You will find garden building suppliers’ displays in most large garden centres, though the buildings on show are only a tiny insight into what is available. You really need to visit the suppliers’ own, much larger, display areas to have an idea of the range of garden buildings that exist.

The beauty of a timber garden building is that planning permission is rarely needed because it is not counted as a permanent building.

If you have lost your job and need a way to earn a living then consider starting a business yourself. The cost of a log cabin garden office or workshop should be tax-deductible, too. This solution means you have no rent to pay, no time or money wasted commuting, yet the business is separated from your main house.

If you are building a log cabin then make sure it is a properly insulated one that is designed for year-round use.

Larger log cabins are on the market that can be divided into three or four rooms using standard, studded plasterboard, walls. This allows you to install a bathroom and kitchen, basically, a garden annexe for an elderly grandparent or a teenaged daughter. The possibilities are endless.

If you live in a popular tourist area there are other possibilities, you can build a log cabin and let it out as a summer let for holidaymakers. You will find lots of log cabins for sale in Devon and Cornwall, where farmers have built log cabins on their land and are selling them as rural retreats or as a way for city-dwellers to get back to the country life.