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Patio String Lights Add Pizzazz

patio string lights

String lights are becoming more popular all the time, and people have finally realized that they’re not just for Christmas decorating anymore!  Thanks to consumer demand, lighting manufacturers have begun to offer string lights in almost any color or shape imaginable.  Many types of string lights can be used indoors but they are particularly effective […]

Make your Home Shine with an Arc Floor Lamp

Arc Floor Lamp

A floor lamp is an excellent add-on to your home. Whether you’ll light up a small area or large area, floor lamps make a room more defined. Floor lamps come in many types and shape that will accentuate other furniture in your household. A curtain that is otherwise ordinary looking will look magnificent with a […]

Enjoy a Timeless Classic with a Tiffany Style Lamp

Tiffany style lamp Amazon

When you hear the word Tiffany in relation to home decor, you almost certainly will think about beautiful stained glass lamps. In the modern sense, Tiffany refers to a type of glass as opposed to the designer by that same name. Tiffany style lamps are typically beautifully crafted reproductions of lamps designed by Louis Comfort […]

Beware Of False Antique Lighting Claims

Antiques & Collectibles book

Shopping for antique lighting can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Sometimes, an excellent find can be had for much less than it’s worth. Other times, the buyers can end up with items not nearly as “antique” they had been led to believe. The best way to avoid being cheated or inadvertently misled is to become educated. […]

Keeping Halogen Floor Lamps Safe

Halogen Floor Lamp

Halogen floor lamps are becoming more and more popular for those looking to light a room. Not only is the light pure, it is also not nearly as harsh as fluorescent lighting. In addition, these lights are superior when used for reading, piano lamps and as spotlights to showcase artwork in your home. Traditionally halogen […]