Three Considerations When Lawn Aerating

When you are planning to aerate your lawn with a lawn aerator, there are many things that you should take into consideration. Three of the most important considerations are as follows:

What is the best lawn aerator to use? I have aerated about 6,000 lawns and by far the best tool to use when aerating your lawn is a coring lawn aerator. If you have a small lawn, or a lot of time on your hand, you can use a manual hand aerator. When you aerate a lawn that is around 1,000 square feet should take about 80 to 90 minutes, (although I am thinking of inventing a pogo stick aerator that can do it is half the time.
It is a lot easier to use a gas powered aerator. The average 2,500 square foot lawn can easily be done in less then 30 minutes. The hardest part about using an aerator is turning it around on hills and maneuvering it to the back yard. Most lawn shouldn’t be to difficult, even if it is your first time aerating. This brings us to our next consideration.

Should I hire someone or do it myself? To aerate your lawn yourself, it will cost you about $45 to rent the machine. To hire someone will cost between $40 and $100. If you can find someone to do it for $40, I think that would be your best deal. Renting an aerator with a neighbor is always a good option for saving money.]

Third consideration: Why aerate?- Aerating is great for large and hilly lawn as well as lawns that have a lot of clay or are in mountainous areas of the country. Aerating loosens the soil which help the soil absorb more water and encourages the grass roots to grow deeper. Well aerated lawn are healthier and more resistant to disease, drought and higher temperatures.


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