Kitchen Cabinet Doors – From Modern to Traditional, from Glass to Oak, Materials are Key

Kitchen doors, or to give them their proper title kitchen cabinet doors, are the first thing we see when we choose a kitchen. The design, color and style of the doors will have the biggest impact on the whole look of your new kitchen. One element that many people overlook is the material the cabinet door is made from. This will influence the look in a massive way.

In the recent past almost all kitchen doors were made from some sort of wood product – from solid, real woods such as oak and maple, to manufactured wood such as MDF and chipboard with wood veneers. Today’s modern kitchen doors are made from a wider range of materials including glass, plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. You can use these materials to add variation within the kitchen design and to create something a little bit special.

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or building a new one from scratch the doors are the main theme, as it where, of your kitchen. Let’s look at a few things to consider when choosing new kitchen doors.

Replacement Kitchen Doors vs a Brand New Kitchen.

Depending on the condition of your kitchen, it may be an option to consider kitchen door replacement. ( click the link to read more ). If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition and you are happy to stick with your layout just replacing the doors can be a very cost effective way to transform your kitchen. However, if you plan to make any changes to the layout or if you want to change the kitchen counter tops then it will almost always make sense to go for a full kitchen remodel.

Although the cabinet doors themselves can be purchased quite cheaply, when you start to change the other parts of the kitchen the costs soon mount up. Sometimes it’s smarter and just as cost effective to install a new kitchen and the results will be much better. When you decide whether to go for kitchen door replacement or a brand new kitchen you will still have the same decisions to make about your doors! high gloss kitchen doors

Consider the Style and Effect You Are After.

Are you going the modern kitchen route, or is traditional old style your preference? The range of kitchens available today is amazing compared to only a few years ago. If you can think of a color and design of kitchen door it is probably available. If not you can always go for custom made kitchen doors, if your budget will stretch that little bit further. Your imagination is really the only limiting factor.

Kitchen Door Materials.

Most off the shelf doors will be made of either solid wood or an MDF laminate or veneer. Laminated doors are usually the cheapest and suit most peoples needs, they will last a long time if cared for properly.

Real Wooden Kitchen Doors

These are normally chosen when the color or natural effect of the wood is important for the look of the kitchen. You really wouldn’t buy oak kitchen doors and have them painted, you buy them to get the natural beauty of the oak. You can however buy unfinished kitchen cabinet doors which you can paint or stain and varnish to your taste.

Wood doors are often associated with the traditional style of kitchen but you can also find contemporary styles in real wood. Oak, maple and mahogany are common woods used today which have replaced the old pine wood cabinet doors. As people become more aware of environmental issues you can now find doors made from other sustainable woods and labelled as Eco-friendly. Have a clear conscience when buying your new kitchen cabinets and doors.

glass kitchen doorsGlass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass doors are very popular today, not only used in spotlight cabinets, but in whole kitchen designs using colored or frosted glass. The overall effect is quite stunning. For me the best look is to have a couple of high line wall cabinets with glass doors and lights – the night-time effect is amazing. Consider using color lighting to add to the look if you like something a little unusual.

Artistic stained glass doors are another way to create a unique modern kitchen style.

Metal Kitchen Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors made from various metals have been around for a while now. Similar to glass doors, they are often best used to give some variation to the kitchen rather than as a whole metal kitchen which is possible but a little too much for most people’s taste. Aluminum, Stainless steel and chrome doors can look great and add a very contemporary feel to a kitchen. Sliding and roller type kitchen doors are quite commonly made from these metals giving a sort of retro industrial look.

Use Color to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out.

There are several ways to add interest to a kitchen by using colors. Using colored cabinet doors and using colored lighting in the kitchen.

kitchen cabinet lights

Colored Lights with Stainlees Steel Doors

Up until recent years you would have been pretty limited in the

choice of kitchen door colors. Not any more. Modern kitchen designs can now make use of a huge

range of colors and finishes. Black or White cabinet doors are in vogue, but you can find an endless range on the market from pink to puke green! You needn’t be limited to one color either, using contrasting colors in the kitchen can have a strong impact so let your creative side grow! Variation is a great way to lift an otherwise dull kitchen design – vary the colors, materials and the finishes. High gloss cabinet doors look great as do colored glass inserts.

Light it all up! Lighting is a great way to add color and interest to your kitchen. All sorts of lighting units are available with LED kitchen lighting being at the cutting edge. Colored lights, used sparingly, can transform a boring design but be careful not to over do it.

Have fun!