Reasons to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

If you are bored with your existing kitchen design you way wish to enhance it by using a process known as kitchen cabinet refacing. With refacing you can save money while completing the new look in just a few days. There are many advantages to choosing refacing. First off, it is very economical. With refacing you can save nearly 50% of the cost of getting new kitchen cabinets. When you feel that the look of the cabinets can be enhanced without changing the layout, this will be your best option. No longer will you have to waste money by replacing cabinets that are still in good condition. This process is much less complicated when compared with remodeling as refacing can usually be completed in about two days.

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If your cabinets are still in good shape you may not need replacement kitchen doors. While using refacing services some companies may reface the exterior of the drawers and cabinets without removing the front parts and doors. You can have new options applied on the exteriors along with knobs and pulls to give the doors a brand new look. When refacing you’ll want to choose from various veneer options for the exterior. You can change the look by selecting new colors also. Choose from real wood veneers like birch, maple, hickory and mahogany. If desired you can also make the cabinets look stylish by adding glass doors and create a modern kitchen style.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a green option because many companies will offer to recycle the removed parts. You will be preventing the disposal of materials which contain formaldehyde-a hazardous material. Use of your old kitchen cabinets also means that you are helping to conserve lumber. Once the refacing job is complete you will be amazed at how different your new kitchen looks. Many guests may even think that you have remodeled your kitchen. if you’re looking for a way to give your kitchen a needed makeover without spending an arm and a leg then cabinet refacing may be the way to go.

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