Invest Wisely with Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is proven to stand the test of time. Even so, one should give importance to good maintenance. To fully get your money’s worth proper care to hardwood flooring must be done.

To protect your well-deserved investment, here are some care tips for your hardwood flooring.

Installation. You don’t want to have your hardwood in humid areas or with extreme heat such as your bathroom, basements, and near a radiant heater. Natural hardwood is affected by extremes in temperature and likely to expand, contract and even rot once exposed to such. If you really want that wooden appeal, you can opt to install engineered hardwood instead.

Maintenance. Scratches can result from dirt, grit, and sand so it is better if you place a doormat on entrances. Also, do regular sweeping or vacuuming. For mopping, use damp mop and be sure to dry the floor afterwards. Water can damage your flooring. If you need to use a cleaning solution be sure to select those that are meant for your hardwood with a neutral pH.

Padding. For additional protection, it is better to place felt pads under your furniture. This is one way to prevent scratches especially when repositioning those heavy fixtures. If you are able to do so, it is better to lift than drag objects.

Footwear. We really have to walk on floors. That’s what they are for anyways. But you might want to think about athletic spike, stilettos, hiking shoes, and the like. For those who are extra careful and protective, maybe it’s better to be walking barefoot or change footwear upon entering the house instead.

Direct light. Discolouration can eventually result from constant exposure to light. You can use drapes, curtains, or blinds for this matter.

Waxing. To wax or not to wax depends on the sealant used for your flooring. Surface sealants such as Urethane, Polyurethane, or Polyacrylic act like plastic coating for protection and long-lasting shine. You do not need waxing and buffing for this. On the other hand, penetrating seal needs waxing and buffing to restore the shine. Penetrating seal which consists of wax or oils that penetrates through the wood.

These are just few hardwood management that you must remember to keep your flooring at its best.