How to put christmas lights on a mobile home

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How to Put Christmas Lights on a Mobile Home

The holiday season is here and making your mobile home stand out is a must. Christmas lights are the main attraction of any home during the holiday season. They provide your living area with charm, character and a festive feel. Putting up Christmas lights have never been an easy job and it can be even more daunting on a mobile home. It is important that you make sure that the lights are secure and safe, before you start decorating your mobile home.

Planning and Preparing

Before you begin putting up Christmas lights on your mobile home, it is important to plan everything out. Knowing where you want the lights to go and measuring everything ahead of time will make the installation process easier. Make sure you have the right size and length of lights that you will need.

Types of Lights:

There are a variety of different types of Christmas lights that you can use to decorate your mobile home. Incandescent lights are the traditional lights that require a large number of bulbs and use more energy. LED lights are now becoming more popular because they use fewer bulbs and consume less energy. In addition, light clips are available for almost any type of installation.

Installing on the Exterior

The first step in installing Christmas lights on the exterior of a mobile home is to use an extension cord. You will need to run the cord from an outdoor outlet and then to the area where you want to install the lights. Once the cord is in place, you can then start wrapping the lights around the exterior of the mobile home. Start by wrapping the lights around the sides of the mobile home, circling the home in a clockwise direction. As you move around the home, make sure to secure the lights in place with light clips.

Installing on the Roof

Installing lights on the roof of a mobile home requires a bit of extra care. This is because the roof is much more fragile than other surfaces on the mobile home. Make sure to use light clips that are specifically designed to be used on a mobile home roof. Start by attaching the clips at the corners of the lowest points of the roof. Wrap the lights in a left to right direction around the low points before moving to the highest points of the roof. Make sure to attach the clips near all the seams of the roof.

Safety First

When installing Christmas lights on a mobile home, safety should be a priority. Make sure to follow instructions closely, and double check that all connections are secure before plugging the lights in. In addition, avoid using metal frames when hanging the lights, as they can cause electrical shock. Once you’ve finished installing the lights, make sure to give them a brief test run before plugging them in.

Adding Christmas lights to your mobile home is a great way to add charm and character to your living space. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can easily make your mobile home the envy of the neighbourhood this festive season.

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