Different High Chair Cover Choices

For most new parents, getting a  high chair is pretty much a necessity.  There are certainly quite a few of them that you can choose from.  One problem that many new parents run into is that they buy something like a wooden high chair only to find out that it is too hard for their little baby to sit in.  Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem, which is getting a high chair cover.  Some covers are designed to fit on most any high chair, and others are made by certain manufacturers to fit securely on specific types of chairs.  The one that you choose will pretty much depend on both how much you are willing to spend and also which type of high chair you have.  As a general rule, your high chair cover should fit pretty snugly and securely, without much room to slide around.  This is important, because you don’t want the baby to slide around on the cover.

The Itzy Ritzy Pink Minky Dot Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover is a pricier option that fares for roughly $90.  Not only for high chairs, this cover can also fit snugly into shopping carts in case baby wants a day out.  It has two pockets for easy storage of some baby stuff, 2 safety belts for maximum security especially if placed in carts and 4 toy loops for the baby’s amusement.  The Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover by Baby Bamboo is a favorite pick among customer reviews.  Priced at about $68 to $90, their cotton fabrics usually showcase assorted designs and are reversible.  They are also equipped with toy loops and pockets just like other covers.

With an economical option as low as 15 bucks and a costlier one that does not even reach three digits, one can invest in quite a few pieces as alternatives so as not to wear them out too much.