Using Modern Handicap Showers – Benefits for Carers, Disabled and Elderly People

Fitting a modern handicap shower in your own home can be an absolute necessity if you live with someone who is physically impaired in some way. Perhaps you have an elderly relative moving in – so common these days as our parents and loved ones age and become less mobile. Or perhaps that older or disabled person is still living independently but can not manage a regular bath or shower. It is not easy for someone who has mobility problems to keep his or her personal hygiene without some sort of support. Handicap showers can be a lifeline for many – providing convenience and safety for elderly and physically impaired individuals.

The Old Disabled Shower

Contrary to what many people think, installing handicap showers need not ruin the visual appeal of your entire bathroom. Of course the early models most people associate with disabled showers could look quite ugly with functionality being the main goal rather than looking nice. Things have changed dramatically and now you can choose from a wide selection of designs and colors of showers for disabled people that also look stylish and contemporary. Some of the latest designs of walk in bath and shower combos are very well suited to the disabled or elderly and yet look so contemporary and stylish – you would never associate these with a handicap shower system.

If you have a limited space in a small bathroom, you can also consider using corner showers. This is an ideal option if you do not want to use the entire floor area of your bathroom. Since it can be placed in the corner, you will still have lots of room to do other things. As long as you have in mind the special needs of your loved one who is physically impaired, then you will be able to design a fully functional bathroom.

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Corner shower kits can really be useful for creating extra space in a small bathroom and enable you to move more freely in the room – great if you need to provide any assistance.

Whilst style is important, remember that the shower needs to be well designed for use by anyone with mobility issues. Also try to look ahead at their future needs – is their condition likely to deteriorate and require further bathroom adaptations? Try to install a system to cover as many situations as possible.

With so many colorful and sophisticated designs out there, you can find something functional, which still looks good. This can be important for the users self esteem – I’m sure no one enjoyed being showered in some of those old disabled showers that looked so clinical. Buying a handicap shower that also looks good can have the benefit of making the user feel a little more normal. Aside from this, a well designed disabled shower can be enjoyed by anyone – even those without health problems. They too may find it easy to use and good to look at.

Peace of Mind

If you are the carer, or the adapted shower is for someone still living independently – what price peace of mind? With a well designed handicap shower you will be happy and confident knowing that your loved one can manage to do things without constant support from you and in safety. Looking good should be an added bonus but the emphasis must be on safety and ease of use.


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Tom Stark