Fifty Percent Faster Cooking Tme With A Halogen Oven

The Halogen Oven is a must have modern kitchen item for any serious home cook or aficionado. This worldwide patented oven uses conduction, convection and infrared rays to cook the food up to fifty percent faster than a conventional oven, while saving a lot of energy costs while doing its job. The oven has an easy to operate control panel and a patented infrared power head with interior light. The smart design of the halogen power head allows for superior cooking.

Save time when prepping meat, because no defrosting is needed. The food always comes from the oven, fast and tasty, because the oven seals in the juices of the meat, which in turn adds to the flavor of the meat.  Performance is smokeless and leaves no residual odors, as it cooks the food from the inside instead of burning it on the outside.

This oven will not heat up your kitchen and can handle over eight pounds of meat at a time, depending on the size of the oven you purchase. The added extender ring allows a twenty three pound turkey to be cooked. A dome holder allows for easy access height and the adjustable stainless steel rack is dishwasher safe. This unit also has a glass tray and base for easy clean up.

The Halogen Oven comes with an operating manual, a delicious recipe book, cooking chart and warranty. Because of the simplistic design and ease of use, the Halogen Oven is a kitchen item dream. The item makes a great gift for any occasion, for the young and old alike. Operation is easy and clean up is a snap. The unit is eye appealing and works with most decors and the food is outstanding.

Halogen oven recipes are quick and simple to prepare, and cleanup is a breeze. This is definitely one kitchen appliance that every home owner should consider purchasing for their culinary repertoire. This is certainly a better option than standard, cheap electric range cookers that many are currently accustomed to using in the home.

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