Going Green In The Home And Garden

Going green at home does not have to mean spending a lot of money. In fact, it can mean saving money, or it can simply mean using your money more wisely. And, at the same time, reducing your impact upon this world we live on.

What going green means for you will depend on where you are on the colour spectrum at the moment. It might mean learning about your energy usage and figuring out how to reduce it, at the same time as reducing your gas and electricity bills

That might mean having a home power audit done – either by a consultant, or perhaps by someone from your local utility company or local government – or even doing one yourself. A power audit will look at how you are using energy now:  your lighting, your commonly used appliances, any appliances left on standby, your hot water system, your heating and cooling. And it should also tell you how you can reduce your energy use, be it as simple as turning off appliances at the wall or as involved as replacing your insulation.

Or, maybe going green for you is a bit beyond that point. Maybe you are ready to install solar panels or at least a solar hot water system. Both of these have up front costs, but in the long run they could save you a significant amount of money, or even earn you money, in the case of solar panels.

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Or maybe you are in between these two places. You’ve had an audit done and acted on it, but you are not yet ready to invest in solar energy or more insulation. There are still things you can do to reduce your negative impact on the earth. Begin by looking at what you buy. If you are installing outdoor lighting, consider LED garden lights, which will last longer and use less energy than other kinds of lights. If you are buying garden supplies, consider learning about organic gardening, and learn how to reduce snail damage without putting poison into the environment. And with all purchases, consider whether you can buy second hand or reuse something you have already.

In short, there are all sorts of ways you can reduce your impact and your carbon footprint without spending a lot of money, and indeed by reducing, reusing and recycling, you can save money to put towards those solar lights and panels we all want. Source: http://sustainablesuburbia.net/


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