Garage Door Panels Replacement Tips

When you have decided there is a need for garage door panels replacement, a few tips will be helpful before embarking on the task. It is not unusual for the panels to sustain damage, in the form of slight dings, to actual dents. The overall appearance of your home will be compromised when exposed garage door panels are unsightly. In addition, some damage will actually impair the door operation.

Garage door panels replacement can be performed by some homeowners, but there are hazards you need to consider before undertaking the job yourself. The garage door will have high tension springs for their operation and these springs can be very dangerous if not handled properly. For the sake of safety, the springs and any automatic openers should be disengaged before attempting panel replacement. Professional installation may be worth the expense if you do not feel comfortable with this risk.

The most important step will be to first find suitable panels that will match the existing door. If you know the manufacturer, it will be a simple matter to order the matching panels, either online or at a local store that handles this type of product. Rarely will panels be in stock at local stores, so ordering will most likely be necessary. While all garage doors may look similar, they may fit and function very differently. If you do not know the manufacturer, take exact measurements of the panel and include a diagram or photo of all portions showing the panel in place, before shopping for the replacement. Also, keep in mind that you will want the same type of panel style. Matching the color may not be perfect, as existing panels may have faded over time, but this can be easily remedied with paint.

If you choose to replace the panels yourself, you will need to detach it from the other panels and also from the track rollers. This may require removing more than one panel to allow the damaged panel to slide out freely. Always perform these steps with the garage door down and with the springs and automatic opener disengaged. Once the damaged panel is removed, slide the new panel into place and attach it properly, along with any other panels you had to remove. Once all panels are secure, open the garage door manually and reattach the springs and automatic opener.