Choosing Shower Doors – Go Frameless

Choosing frameless shower doors can be a great idea in certain circumstances. They also look very stylish and are proving to be very popular with their minimalist style – great for creating that modern bathroom look. In areas where space is restricted, using frameless doors can be effective – a walk in shower can be a great place to think about using a frame-less shower door. Of course they have many appropriate uses…. read on.

Safe, Strong and Easy to Fit Frameless Doors

A tempered and polished safety glass is most commonly used to make frameless shower doors. The thickness of glass depends upon the type of glass used to make the door but usually it is measured and cut to half an inch thick so that it can be strong even without much extra support. Most of these doors will have a simple metal support used to secure the position of the glass, with the strength and stability of the glass itself the door should be firm and stable to stand with little help. Fitting this type of frameless shower door is normally very straight forward and can be done as a DIY project – with a little care.

For this kind of home improvement, it is one of the true examples where less is more: frameless shower doors, can in the long run save you from overhead expenses as they last longer than traditional shower doors with a frame. Because of how the glass is made, there is almost no need for a frame and so there are no working parts to maintain or replace.

Easy Cleaning Frameless Shower Doors

Besides cutting down your probable expenses, framless doors are really easy to clean and you can always keep them looking as good as the first time they were installed – no corroded frames or moldy looking rubber seals and door parts which are so difficult to clean. This is what the problem is with cleaning standard shower doors and enclosures – with so many hard to clean corners and seals. You will end up searching for liquid cleaners, mold removal products or anything that removes tough stains on metal and rubber, unlike just a simple glass cleaning product to quickly wipe down your door and clean in minutes. It being without a frame also allows it to be cleaned on both sides without exerting too much effort because frame-less shower doors open on the inside and on the outside. Bathroom tile cleaning around the door is also made easier by the absence of a frame to get in the way.

frameless shower doors

Another advantage for the absence of metal frames is that there is no build-up of soap scum. Glass does not tend to collect too much soap scum, so maintenance is much easier to do.

Do not fret about the idea of the water spilling on the floor; the manufacturers have already thought about that since they started designing and building frameless shower doors. The tiny metal that secures the glass panels into place makes sure that they create the watertight divisions between panels. The glass is carefully cut to deliver this kind of elegance and durability at the same time.

Contemporary Frameless Shower Doors

You really need to take another look at the amazing range of doors available today. Today’s contemporary styles can become a focal point in almost any modern bathroom design. Their clever design has evolved over the years and modern framless shower doors are efficient, low maintenance, water tight and easy to fit.

Tom Stark