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Carpet For High Traffic Areas

As nice as fluffy, soft carpet can feel and look, there are some parts of the home that need to be a bit stronger. Carpeting around the back door, especially if you have kids, and in the hallways gets much more foot traffic than other parts of the house, and as a result will wear […]

Bound Carpet Remnants Have Many Uses

For those who have never used or inquired about them, bound carpet remnants are sections of the floor covering that are left over on a roll after installation in homes or large spaces. The amount that is left will vary and many sizes are available. They are made to function as large rugs, with the […]

Invest Wisely with Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is proven to stand the test of time. Even so, one should give importance to good maintenance. To fully get your money’s worth proper care to hardwood flooring must be done. To protect your well-deserved investment, here are some care tips for your hardwood flooring. Installation. You don’t want to have your hardwood in […]

Engineered Or Solid Oak Flooring for Your Home?

Engineered Oak Flooring is a marvelous piece of technology for the home. Once the floor is installed, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between it and solid oak flooring. Both types of floors have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. The imitation version offers a spectacular look with far less maintenance then the […]

Floor Insulation

People who live in places with cold and damp climate need adequate floor insulation in their homes for comfort. There are practical reasons why insulation is much needed: It prevents heat to escape.  For many years, people believed that heat rises which resulted to many inadequately insulated floors. During cold seasons, they experienced cold feet […]

Choose Green Rugs For Your Home

Green is a beautiful, restful color that adds timeless character and a touch of graceful style to just about any room. Although it is possible to make decorating errors with greens, they’re usually very easy to work with. If done correctly, green rugs can be simply splendid! No matter what room (or rooms) in your […]