Floor Insulation

People who live in places with cold and damp climate need adequate floor insulation in their homes for comfort. There are practical reasons why insulation is much needed:

  1. It prevents heat to escape.  For many years, people believed that heat rises which resulted to many inadequately insulated floors. During cold seasons, they experienced cold feet and uncomfortable children while playing. The truth is hot air, relative to the cooler air around it, rises through the process of convection.  However, when the floor is properly insulated, heat loss is prevented. A warm floor will reduce the difference of temperature, therefore, maintaining the internal environment and prevent convection. Floor insulation can also limit conduction and radiation which also cause heat to escape.
  2. Insulation prevents moisture to enter your home from the damp environment. A damp home is more difficult to heat. If your home is properly insulated, moisture will not seep in. Cold moist air pushes up warm air to your ceiling which will soon result to condensation. Mold and mildew thrives well in this kind of environment. Nobody wants to grow fungi in their ceilings because it is both unhealthy and unsightly.
  3. It saves you some money. In a cold season, it is a must to have a heating system in your house. However, if your house is not properly insulated, it will be more difficult to heat. More heat required means more energy bills. A house with floor insulation will prevent the loss of heat inside, which means less heat is needed to make it warmer. Also as mentioned moisture will seep in, making your house damp which another reason for high energy bills.
  4. Properly insulating your floors does not only work on cold seasons. You will also find it beneficial in summer. With the same principle, proper insulation maintains the natural temperature inside your whether it is cold or hot season. It prevents loss of heat in winter and acts as barrier from heat in summer.

It is a fact that the floors only comprise 10% of the total heat loss from a house, but it is generally cheaper and easier to install. You need to insulate other parts of the house such as the attic through time, but you can start investing on your floor insulation and you will realize that you have regained your initial investment on energy bills and the comfort it brings to your feet.