What’s so good about fitted wardrobes?

You may have been made aware of the fact that more and more people are opting for fitted wardrobes than ever before, why is this, is there something wrong with pre-built models? Surely the huge selection of wardrobes offered by online retailers should be more than enough for any one right? Well, no. The fact of the matter is not all houses are the same, and if home owners want to purchase a wardrobe that is the perfect fit for their houses and can make use of every bit of space they have then fitted wardrobes are their best bet.

You see normal closets or wardrobes are built for use in every type of home, regardless of their shape and size. Whilst this is a good thing, it also means that it’s not the perfect solution. What’s more, having fitted wardrobes installed gives you the benefit of being able to specify the shelves and storage areas you want and where you want them to be located. If you happen to have a shoe fetish and need additional storage space for them you can have a special compartment specially allocated for your shoes.fitted wardrobe designs

The other benefit of having a wardrobe specially made is that you can make sure it has absolutely all the characteristics you need. We aren’t merely talking about the right compartments; it’s also about the right finish, design, accessories and texture. You might say, well that’s all well and good, but retailers often allow you to pick a special design or texture. Whilst this is true, it can often be quite hard to come across a unit which features the right design, combined with the right number of shelves and in the right colour. Even if they did have what you were looking for, the time it would take to find it would be substantial, and many people wouldn’t be prepared to wait that long.

The final benefit of course is that fitted wardrobes can be fitted around corners, using your floor space more efficiently and also giving you the benefit of more storage space. It’s a wine win situation really.

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