Add a Fireplace Screen for Safety

A great fireplace accessory which can enliven a fireplace and guard it, fireplace screens are one amongst the all-time favorites of today. They come in a variety of models, sizes and designs from which one can select according to the requirements. In addition to giving protection to the fireplace, a fireplace screen can complement its décor, making it a center of attention for the family and all other guests. However, selection of this product has to be made with great caution.

Points to keep in mind while shopping for one:

While planning to acquire a new fireplace screen, one should have proper knowledge of the measurements of the fireplace. If the screen does not fit into the fireplace, instead of protecting or decorating the fireplace, it will simply spoil the look of the place. There are online or offline stores like home improvement stores from where one can select the perfect screen for the hearth.

Besides this, there are lots of fireplace accessories, some of them are must haves and others the can be eliminated. The accessories like wood cradles where you can store the fuel for the fireplace and a poker to ignite the fire without burning the hands are inevitable for any fireplace. However, there are electric ones too, which do not require the storage of fuel of any type.

If the security of the fireplace still remains a concern even after installing a fireplace screen, there are options of the same unit with doors. This offers added security relieving you the tension of your kids getting burnt because of the sparks from the fire. Easy to install, these units are available in varying prices based on the material one opts for.

Fireplace tools and accessories are available in the design and model of one’s choice at present. Opt for the ones which offer maximum security while adding to the décor of your fireplace.