Sit in Comfort With an Ergonomic Office Chair

Who’d have thought that more back problems result from sitting in a poorly designed chair than from more physical pursuits? The fact is, many of today’s office chairs don’t encourage proper posture, and that has led to increasing number of people suffering the pain of sore muscles in the back, neck and shoulders. There’s an easy answer to the problem, though. Simply invest in an ergonomic office chair, and learn how to adjust it properly.

When your chair is fine tuned to suit your body size and shape, your spine is more likely to be in its natural alignment. This eases the load on your back muscles which no longer have to strain to maintain your poor posture. You’ll enjoy fewer aches and pains, and your focus and productivity will increase as you work.

Although there are a number of adjustments you should make on your ergonomic chair, the key to good posture is the backrest. It’s often worth spending more money to get a really good chair that offers superior support to the spine. The Aeron chair, for example, has an adjustable lumbar cushion that perfectly fits the curve of your spine. Or you may prefer the LiveBack technology in the Steelcase Leap chair, which actually changes shape to fit your back and moves along with you throughout your day.

At the very least, an ergonomic office chair must have a device that allows you to adjust the height, and another that can alter the angle. This is important to ensure that the chair fits the curve of your back as closely as possible. It should also have some give, meaning that when you lean back, the chair will lean back with you, but not too much or you’ll put your back out. Some chairs offer full recline, which is great for relaxing or even for working, depending on the task at hand.