Decorating With Talavera Tiles

Unlike the sober, earth-toned tiles or the all one color glass tiles, talavera tiles are clay tiles with a white surface decorated with bold colors and patterns. Like many pottery products using white tin glazes as a base, the strong colors lend themselves to strong, simple patterns. These are frequently classifies as “folk” based on their flat appearance and lack of shading to provide a 3-D effect.

You probably do not want to tile your floors with talavera tile, as it is very busy, but it makes an excellent border or occasional accent tile. For adobe-like walls, it can be used as a chair rail or placed higher in the wall as accents. On an outdoor wall, the bright colors will really stand out against the earth colored bricks or weathered wood. If you install these tiles, make sure you put them in the best locations for living with them as they will be there a long time.

For more mobile talavera tile accents, consider a wrought iron table with a Mexican talavera tile top or a tray or trivet with Mexican talavera tiles. The tiles can also be used as a trivet if placed in a suitable wood or iron frame. Using the tiles this way allows you to capitalize on the bright colors without installing the tiles permanently, and let you move the tile accents as your decor matures and expands.

A final option for talavera tiles in your home is a talavera tile mirror. These mirrors are usually rectangular, and consist of a board backing, a rectangular mirror, one row of talavera tiles around the mirror and a wooden strip around the board and tiles to finish off the edges. As you may imagine, the finished piece is heavy and will need to be attached to a wall stud when hung.

For a lasting touch of color on wall, floor or table, consider talavera tile.