Decorating With Black And White Wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper, when used properly, can create a fashionable look to your home or office. The combination of black and white gives a chic and modern feel to your personal space.

For the bedroom, check out your local craft shop or furniture retail for modern wallpaper ideas. You can go for designs such as black and white geometric or odd shapes as your wall decor. Remember that the furniture can be of any color as long as it does not stand out unfashionably from the look of the room, so try softer hues for your accents such as teal, honeydew, turquoise, and other sea colors.

Bathrooms or guest half-baths look great with black walls and are great for experimenting with wallpaper – they are usually small and if you don’t like the result, it’s not a room you spend a lot of time in, so you can handle leaving it up until you have time to change it again. You can also try adding metallic finishes as they reflect light and help give it a roomy feel.

Other decorating tips for your living space:

  • Black and white wallpaper looks fabulous when it is put up separately on adjacent walls, instead on opposite walls, to create a fascinating corner effect.
  • For the kitchen, a stainless steel back splash makes charcoal walls and cabinets feel both glamorous and functional.
  • You can also buy mirror stickers at the craft shop and use these to create a pattern on ebony walls. You can create “borders” around a framed photo or a painting on the wall. You can also draw abstract patterns or geometric shapes on the bare walls, and then color them alternately with black and white.

And if you want the look of black and white without committing to wallpaper, use your wall decor to get the effect. White walls are a great background for your black-and-white photos mounted in black frames. Or do just the opposite: black wallpaper with photos in silver, gold or mirror frames.