Creating Atmosphere with your Patio String Lights

If you plan on adding lights to your front porch or patio you might be considering patio string lights. Not only are they versatile and easy to install, but they also are inexpensive to purchase as well. But what kind of patio lights should you buy?

Most people create interesting lighting effects to create a relaxing mood for the front patio since it is the first part of your home that your guests will notice when they arrive at night. But you can create any type of setting you want, just by altering what types of lights you use and where you place them.

For example, if you wanted to create a calming, Zen garden like atmosphere on your patio you could hang Chinese lantern lights (or any other oriental themed patio string lights) alongside the edge of your patio. Then you could add a few bamboo wind chimes and a water feature and you’ll instantly feel the calm as you come home every evening.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’d like a more fun atmosphere to your front patio try creating a fiesta like theme with brightly colored globe string lights (or even red chili pepper string lights). Add a few oversize terra cotta planters with a few desert plants, a water fountain bubbling in the background, and you’ve created a slice of Mexico in front of your home.

If you want to just creative a fun place for your kids to hang out after school you can turn your porch into a fun barbecue and tiki bar area. This works especially well if you have a long front patio as you can place a barbecue or outdoor fire pit in one corner (away from the entrance to your home) surrounded by rattan furniture. Then hang some novelty string lights with a few well placed tiki torches and you’re done. Not only will you have a fun place to barbecue with your family during the summer but your kids can have a cool place to hang out as well.

As you can tell from these few ideas, creating the right atmosphere with your string lights isn’t really that hard to do. Just think of a theme that you’d like to recreate in the front of your home and try to match your lights to match it. As a side note, if you are concerned that you may not have enough outdoor outlets to supply the power for all your lighting ideas you can always use solar patio lights instead.