Creating a Low-Maintenance Landscape: Ideas and Tips

Creating a Low-Maintenance Landscape: Ideas and Tips

A low-maintenance landscape is a great way to spend more time enjoying nature instead of laboring to keep it up. Here are some ideas and tips to help create a beautiful low-maintenance landscape while still providing your home and family with a personalized and inviting atmosphere.

Choose Native and Perennial Plants

Choose plants that are native to the area, which will grow with less maintenance than non-native plants. Also plant perennials, which will come back year after year, with little effort.

Design for Ease and Efficiency of Maintenance

Design your landscape with a plan to make it easier to care for over the years, from making sure the slope will accommodate water flow to keeping larger plants within easy reach and making sure paths are clear.

Reduce Lawn Area

Rather than a large expanse of lawn, more low-maintenance options can be combined to reduce the need for regular maintenance. These include:

    • Mixed Plantings – A variety of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials can be used to create a stunning display.
    • Groundcovers – Groundcovers, such as clover, need only minimal maintenance and don’t need to mowed.
    • Lawn Alternatives – Alternate materials, such as gravel or hardwood chips, can reduce the area of lawn to maintain.

Add Automation

Take the headache out of lawn maintenance by adding automation such as:

    • Irrigation – Install a timed irrigation system that waters plants and lawns automatically for maximum efficiency.
    • Lighting – Install LED lights that are motion activated to turn lights on and off with the movement of people and animals.
    • Pest Control – Garden nettings and scripts can help keep out nuisance pests like slugs and deer.

Personalize It

Adding some personalized touches to your low-maintenance landscape will make it feel like home. Add a seating area, create wildlife habitats for birds and butterflies, and add elements that bring out the unique character of your home, like a water feature, archway or small bridge over a waterway.

Creating a low-maintenance landscape doesn’t mean it has to lack personality. With a little thoughtfulness and careful planning, you can create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space that requires little effort to maintain.

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