Corner Sinks – Perfect Space Savers for the Bathroom and Kitchen

The corner sink is considered a perfect space saver and may be used in both the bathroom and modern kitchens to great effect. It occupies less space as compared to traditional sink, that is generally fixed in the center of a counter-top. The addition of such sinks offer a stylish and contemporary look. However, the design of the sinks for bathroom and kitchen differ to a large extent. These sinks come in varying shapes and are constructed using different material like stainless steel, porcelain, granite, copper etc.

Similarly, there is apron sink popularly known as farmhouse sink. This is basically a kitchen sink suitable for traditional kitchen interiors. corner kitchen sinkThese sinks are made of porcelain or stainless steel and feature large sized single and double bowls. Besides, they also have an open apron front which requires proper finishing before installation.


Corner Sinks For Bathrooms:

There are different varieties of sinks ideal for bathrooms which include pedestal sinks, these are widely used in small sized bathrooms. These do not take much space and offer an appealing look to a bathroom. The other popular style is wall mountable sinks that can be easily fixed in the corner area of a wall. These are functional and do not have any support base. Vanity sinks are another type which comes in varying colors and shapes. These variety are a great option to utilize the entire floor area. Besides, they consist of storage cabinets underneath the sink area. The cabinets hold adequate space to store toiletries and other necessary goods.

Corner Sinks For Kitchens:

A corner kitchen sink is considered an ideal option for L or U shaped kitchens. It enables you to make the contemporary kitchen look large and spacious. The sinks are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes such as round, rectangular, triangular and square shaped bowls. Besides, there are also custom made basins perfect for the kitchen corner. You will find something to suit your needs and to compliment the style of your kitchen cabinet doors. In addition, these sinks provide more working space and easy movement within the kitchen.

With many varieties available, it would be best to choose a corner sink that is affordable and convenient to use.

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