Concrete Fireplace Mantels: The Design Advantage

Concrete fireplace mantels are growing in popularity among households because of their versatility and durability. Concrete fireplace mantels today are the cheaper alternative to stone cast fireplaces yet they can truly capture the look of the expensive mantels made of natural stones. Although less expensive than natural stones, concrete fireplace mantels can still significantly add value to any home.
Concrete is durable and heat-resistant and are perfect around a fireplace. Like any other mantels, they are also susceptible to dirt and dust. Also, since they are made of concrete, they easily absorb liquid. Concrete fireplace mantels today are applied special coatings to protect them from liquid absorption and fire damage that may lead to an expensive concrete repair. Epoxy concrete paint for instance, makes them more heat-resistant and gives them a smooth finish as well as protects them from moisture.
One of their advantages over fireplace mantels made from any other different materials is the design factor. They are very moldable and can take on many different shapes. When looking for an affordable and intricately designed fireplace, concrete is the ideal choice.
Most people are not aware that concrete fireplace mantels can also be applied with paint. Painting concrete can make them match any interior décor in a home. Artisans, most especially, apply paint on concrete to capture the beauty of natural stones. They can be designed to match any look ranging from contemporary to ornate and even modern designs.
Concrete repair and maintenance is easy as there are many available solutions to the material. They are easily reparable when they get chipped from shipment, during mantel installation or from installation of other fireplace accessories such as shelves and fireplace doors.
Indeed, concrete fireplace mantels are versatile. Because of the many designs and forms to choose and the many solutions for concrete protection, concrete fireplace mantels can be placed both indoors and outdoors. With the right fireplace designs, they can virtually blend in any kind of surroundings yet they can command attention fit for an elegant piece of furnace.